Escort services


Hello you nosy devil,

 I offer my naughty services from my East Stockport home (SK6 area) between 2pm and late, all seven days. 

My pleasant flat houses my very spacious and kinky dungeon room, furnished with giant stocks, a big wall-cross, a pvc bondage bed and my big dildo stool. I have many toys and punishment implements, gags, hoods, strap-on dildoes etc etc and the whole dungeon is festooned with my slutty pvc wear, including my vast array of kinky pvc streetwalking macs and sexy stiletto boots, all of which have been showered in spunk many times :) 

Access to my flat is by an exclusive street-level door and there is ample, free parking immediately opposite.

Tgirls can undergo an unhurried makeover with many hair choices, slutty dress-up, followed by a kinky sex session in my play-room. On some evenings, on mutually agreeable dates, you can undergo slut training at the hands of my pet stud - an older gentleman with an astonishing sex-drive. Giggling is mandatory and you can enjoy a glass or three of dry white wine if you opt for a sleepover. My stud can take you and me to pose on camera as streetwalking whores on a local main road - though communing with kerb-crawlers is entirely optional :)

I can offer duos with a choice of two very sexy female dom/switch bitches - see Larabitch and Sexymazza. 

Slaves, studs and couples are all welcome to visit me for a memorable experience.

If you are not familiar with me, you can get an eyeful on video - just message me for the link to my 50plus Youtube videos.

Bring a bottle of dry white and a sense of humour and expect to be entertained.

I do not do outcalls, but I do 'paid' evening dates for discerning gents - tempt me!

My dungeon is for hire - with or without me - so find yourself a generous gent and get yourself laid at my kinky home.

I only take bookings by telephone, but feel free to message me for further details.

Lust and lashes
07810 431207 - no text chatting please and you must reveal your number
ps. I am not exactly a spring chicken, but I am working on that :)