Hello there,

Lord Litchfield I am not, but I certainly am a happy snapper when I have transformed one of my clients into a trashy slut.

You can see some of my handiwork on forthcoming Friends page.

To be honest, I am equally happy to be on the other end of the camera and I am seeking someone with more professional talents to photograph and video myself and my slut clients out on the streets in order to add to my many 'streetwalking' videos on Youtube.

You will need to be brawny enough to protect our honour out on those mean streets :) An ability to ad lib with (punter) chat-up lines, to which we can respond, will add to the fun of the occasion :) This would have to include ferrying us up to the Canal Street vicinity of central Manchester.

Psst!  If you or a friend have private woods (free of gamekeepers and dog-walkers), I do love to play the helpless maiden on camera, rope bondaged to a tree in one of my kinky pvc macs.:)